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General Information
Project Name
Project Type
Feature Film – Crime, Thriller, Espionage – 90 Minutes
Union Status
Accepting: Non Union, SAG-Aftra, SAG-E Submissions
Project Rate
$170-Day / IMDb Credit / Digital Copy / Travel Reimbursement / Craft Service / Additional Deferment
*HOTEL & PER DIEM will be provided for any LA/ORANGE COUNTY TALENT!

Production Dates: September –  28 Full Day / 29 fULL Day / 30 Full Day

Production Company:
Urreola Film

Director & Writer: Raul A. Urreola
Executive Producer: Christie L. Williams
Music By: Just Art Dead
Editor: Kigh Sturdevan

Shoot/Performance Information


-Production Dates: September –  28 Full Day / 29 Full Day / 30 Full Day
-Shot on the RED Dragon 6k
-CARBON is a 90 min Feature Film with Mature Themes, Violence & Language.
-The entire film will be shot at night over a 3 day weekend.
-Shot in Two Locations
-8-10hr shooting days.
-Hot Plate Catering will be provided on every production day.
-All actors must be able to attend a Pre-Production meeting (Date to be determined)
-Sides will only be given out to talent who are booked to audition!


Carson / Female / Any Ethnicity / Edgy, Unique or Different Look / 18-35
Female Assassin, working for the highest bidder specializing in corporate espionage and infiltration. Many faces, hyper intelligent, quick and adaptive.

Brian O’Flattery / Male / Caucasian  / Heavy Set or Big Build / 40-55
A methodical perfectionist and unrelenting. Brian is a loyal company man. There is no cost to high for achieving whats in the best interest in the company.

Trent Williams / Male/ Any Ethnicity / 40-55
Family Man at the end of his credit line. Drowning in debt, Trent has secretly been stealing from his company for month. He is in dire need and can be exploited.

Mike Russell / Male / Any Ethnicity / 50-65
Supervisor and long time working associate to Trent Williams. Friendly yet cold. Nervous and dislikes working outside the lines.

Paris / Female / Caucasian / Red Hair/ Edgy & Unique Look / 18-40
A burning flame in human form.

Gerrard Washington / Male / Any Ethnicity / 18-35
Quick to anger, smart yet weak. Easily stressed and manipulated.

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