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UPDATED 12-19-18

PLEASE READ!!! Current & New Talent: If you have previously submitted to a different project, please resubmit for consideration; previous submissions are deleted after 30 days!


General Information

Project Name
Project Type
Feature Film – Police, Crime Thriller, Drama, Euphoric – 90 Minutes
Union Status
Accepting: Non Union, SAG-Aftra, SAG-E Submissions
4k – Arri Mini / 2:39:1 / Anamorphic
Theatrical – Streaming – VOD
Project Rate
$170-Day / IMDb Credit / Digital Copy / Travel Reimbursement / Craft Service / Additional Deferment
*HOTEL & PER DIEM will be provided for any LA/ORANGE COUNTY TALENT!

ESTIMATED Production Dates: 15 Days – FEBRUARY 2019

Production Company: Urreola Film – 1660 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA, 92108
www.UrreolaFilm.com – Contact@UrreolaFilm.com


Director & Writer: Raul A. Urreola
Executive Producer: Christie L. Williams
Music By: Just Art Dead
Editor: Kigh Sturdevan
Production Designer: Nathaniel Brown
Make Up: Raquel Trivino
2nd AD: Alice Clancy

Shoot/Performance Information:




-If you have previously submitted to a different project, please resubmit; previous submissions are deleted after 30 days!
-Production Dates: 15 Days – FEBRUARY 2019 – DATES TBD
-Shot on the Arri Mini Camera with Anamorphic Lenses.
-LEGACY is a 90 min Feature Film with Mature, Violence, Language & Sexual Themes.
-The entire film will be shot over the course of a 15 day period.
-Exact Film Dates are TBD.
-Shot entirely in San Diego.
-Production Days Will NOT EXCEED 6-10hrs on set.
-Hot Plate Catering will be provided on every production day.
-All actors must be able to attend a Pre-Production meeting (Date to be determined)
-Sides will only be given out to talent who are booked to audition!


DET. ROBERT ANTHONY KING / Male / Caucasian, Latino, Hispanic / Strong or Bigger Build / 40-55 / Greying or Salt & Pepper Hair / Strong Manly Facial Features / Tattoos OK

A man of colliding worlds. A heavy heart, world weary and grizzled but gentle and warm in appearance. After serving in the Military, Robert joined the Police Department0 at a young age, thereafter quickly marrying Paige and starting a family.  Robert has spent a lifetime fighting for people he has never met, the weight of his power to take life has worn him down, and now with the aches and pains of his body starting the catch up with him, and the heart condition accelerating his weakness, Robert hopes to retire and spend what remains of his life in peace.

SKYLAR ABIGAIL WILLIAMS / Female / Any Ethnicity / Edgy, Unique or Different Look / 25-40

SKYLAR has owned the hottest and most popular nightclub in the city for over 4 years. Confident and unrelenting SKY has an unbelievable drive to ensure that no detail in her life or business however small is missed. On the inside SKY is barely holding on to whatever humanity she believes she might have left, after the pressure of owning the best club in the city begins to wear her down.

DET. GABRIEL “EL LOBO” CASTILLO / Male / Any Ethnicity / Strong or Bigger Build / 30-50 / Black, Brown, Salt & Pepper Hair / Tattoos OK

Gabriel is energetic, funny, confident and able to handle any situation. Partner of Det. Robert King, Gabriel is the life of any party Gabriel has developed the unique ability to manipulate or change any situation to his advantage.

AGENT. RIAN EMMA WALLACE/ Female / Any Ethnicity / 25-40

A creative and inventive FBI Agent. Quick thinking and pragmatic, RIAN excels at solving puzzles. She is determined to shine the light of the law into the darkest corners of the city.

MICHELLE “GOLD” CARRERA / Female / Any Ethnicity / 18-30

Skilled Poker player and Gambler, Gold is one of the most popular socialites in the city. Owner of an exotic car rental business, GOLD is great at anything that revolves around the nightlife and pulse of the city. She is sexy, edgy, and transfixing. She can control an entire room with just the flick of her gold covered wrists.

LENNY MANKOWITZ / Male / Any Ethnicity / Small or Medium Build / 30-65 / Black, Brown, Salt & Pepper Hair

The cheapest and surprisingly the most successful attorney in the city. A genius in the field of law, he has built the reputation of an absolute lunatic fighting for his clients freedom regardless of the cost or charge. He may be a man who fights for his clients rights while also snorting obscene amounts of drugs.

PAIGE KING / Female / Any Ethnicity / Beautiful, Classical Look / 30-45 / Any Hair / Tattoos OK

Beautiful, thoughtful and energetic. Paige King has been happily married to Robert for 20+ years. She is just short of being the perfect wife, if her quick temper and strong personality could be tamed. She is strong and loyal to her family and she is what keeps them together. She has been helping take the weight from her husband’s shoulders creating a warm and nurturing environment at home and her small law practice.

DET. ELLIS MCKENDRICK / Male / African American / Medium Build / 30-45 / Black, Brown, Salt & Pepper Hair / Tattoos OK

Ellis is one of the most hard working blue collar cops the you will ever meet. Honest and truthful, Ellis tries everyday to have a positive effect on his community. A good hearted person, someone always buys him a beer. Absolutely despises the poor play of the cities football team.

KENNY SMITH  / Male / Any Ethnicity / 18-30

Quick, daring and cunning, KENNY has quickly risen to the top of the criminal empire.

DARREN VANDERBILT / Male / Any Ethnicity / 25-50

The funniest person you will ever meet, DARREN is the life of the party and always tries to get himself into trouble.

JENNIFER WILLIAMS/ Female / Any Ethnicity / 18-25

Cold, calculating and strong. After the death of her grandparents; Jennifer swore that she would never live a poor life on the streets, regardless of the cost.

CHLOE MADISON KING / Female / Any Ethnicity / 15-19 / Any Hair / Tattoos OK

Daughter of Paige and Robert King. She is strong, confident and beautiful.


1. Please Submit Current Head Shot, Resume and/or Demo Reel at Email Contact@Urreolafilm.com

2. After reviewing each submission, Selected Candidates will be booked for a 10
Minute Audition/Interview to be held January 2019

3. Finalists will be notified for callbacks within 2 weeks of audition dates.

Candidates unable to submit a Demo Reel may still be eligible to audition,
depending on other materials submitted.

Submit: Contact@UrreolaFilm.com