Monster Hunters Cast





Scott Butler is a London-born actor who moved to the US in 2002 and spent most of his working life creating artwork for video games in which he holds a patent, before falling into acting in 2009. Scott grew up in the south-east of England and also spent a few years of his childhood in New Zealand before returning to the UK.  From time to time he dabbles in writing music from a variety of genres and has an ambition to create a full album along with digitally and filmed music videos to each track. He also enjoys cycling, running, juggling, soccer and many other outdoor past-times. He has a passion to become a very successful actor over the next few years and is working hard to achieve that.




I was born and raised in Wisconsin. After high school I wanted to run away, so joining the Army seemed like the only mature thing to do. While I was in the Army for four and a half years I had the chance to do some traveling overseas. Iraq was great. When my time serving the ‘man’ was completed I decided that the whole soldier role had run it’s course. The next on my impromptu list was family. I got married in 2005 and had a daughter that has since, consumed our lives. Somewhere along the way I became a crazed multitasking woman. I work full-time, go to school full-time, maintain my family, and above all else: act.




Nikola Ojdanic is a Serbian actor born and raised in Belgrade. He came to US in 1999 on athletic scholarship to play tennis for the University of Central Oklahoma. After graduating with a degree in business and spending 5 years in the banking industry he decided it was time to start pursuing his life-long dream of acting and moved to Southern California. He is actively pursuing acting since 2009 and working very hard on his craft. In his free time he enjoys weight lifting, running, hiking and shooting guns & rifles.




Allison Williams is completing her last year of school at UC Irvine as a drama major. In addition to acting and school, she works at Starbucks as a barista and Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School in Santa Ana as a tutor. Outside of UCI, she has been training with Carey Scott at the Rehearsal Room for over three years. She has worked at Sea World San Diego as a performer in multiple shows, including Big Bird’s Beach Party (role of Jamie – Big Bird’s “human friend”), and Shamu Rocks. Allison enjoys playing piano, reading plays, watching movies, going to Disneyland regularly, and spending time in the jacuzzi with her amazing roommates. She would like to thank everyone involved with “Monster Hunters” for the chance to work on such a fun project. God bless!





Nicholas Macaluso was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. He resides in Newport Beach, CA, where he is pursuing his acting career. Being of Greek and Italian heritage, Nicholas is naturally drawn to the arts and drama. From an early age, his family instilled in him the importance and value of the arts in society. His exposure to a wide variety of cultural events in the fields of music, theater, dance, and art, has given him a global perspective of the world, and shaped the passionate, idealistic and caring person that he is. The eldest of five brothers and a sister, he is affectionately known as the doting “big brother” in the family. Nicholas has a friendly, outgoing and charismatic personality, naturally drawing people to him. An entertainer at heart, he loves to make people happy. These traits have served him well in school, business, sports and now the entertainment industry. Attending private schools in Sacramento, he grew up with a diverse group of friends, thriving in a supportive, community oriented environment. A natural athlete, he was a star quarterback for his football team in high school, learning the valuable lessons associated with teamwork and becoming a leader. He attributes these experiences to his positive outlook on life and believes that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Nicholas is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. He regularly visits the gym where he plays basketball and trains in mixed martial arts. He keeps himself centered by playing his guitar and composing music and writing lyrics. His constant companion is his beloved beagle, Charlie. The two of them can be found on any given day at the beach or the dog park.